Wireless CCTV installations in East London

Wireless and Re-deplorable CCTV

The ability to rapidly deploy discrete video surveillance and recording equipment into known trouble spots is increasingly being seen as a cost-effective way of countering crime.

CCTV Logic’s range of Re-deploy able CCTV camera systems capable of taking advantage of the increasingly wide range of transmission methods available today. By providing a variety of transmission options – including mobile 4G, GSM, HSCDS and Wireless IP, the systems can transmit pictures without the need for a fixed telephone line. Connection and download speeds range from 1 fps (GSM), to real-time 50 fps @ 4 CIF (Wireless IP).

Wireless CCTV installers in East London

Wireless CCTV installation East London

The most appropriate transmission method can be chosen to suit the application – depending on mobile phone transmission coverage and geographical considerations (e.g. Line-of-Sight).

The color/mono auto-focus camera is able to provide high resolution (up to 5 megapixel) images in the lowest light levels. As well as dialing in remotely to view live and recorded images, full telemetry PTZ control of the dome camera is available from standard internet connected PCs.

Crime prevention officers, local authorities, developers and housing associations are currently using our systems for a variety of applications including vandalism, graffiti, theft, fly-tipping and anti-social behavior.